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Kings Professional Book Keeping

About Kings Professional Book Keeping

We are seeking to fulfil a requirement within the business community to bring affordable accounting to small businesses. KPB came from Paul King spending 38 years at the helm of an SME conscious that the lack of sound financial advice (at a cost which could be sustained) stifled growth.

Practices that are second nature to those involved in small business do not come easily to young and inexperienced entrepreneurs. Start ups use template business plans to impress and flatter; KPB is about the real honest task of stating goals, achieving success and finally ‘turning a profit’ to re-invest, or simply to sustain a good life style, the choices are yours.

You will find specialist areas within the site that help businesses to prosper and not fall foul of cash starvation, many business owners are perceived to be affluent when daily cash flow denies them taking even a lunch break! Control the Cash and you control the business. KPB is supporting sole proprietors and small business owners to progress through to stable, sustainable companies able to take of advantage of leisure time and the freedom afforded by being self employed.










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