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Kings Professional Book Keeping

Keep Your Money in Your pocket!

Start a business, nurture it from obscurity, reward yourself for the 110 hrs a week you worked, then stand back and observe  the Crown divorce you from your profit. Sound familiar, then stop! Incorporate quickly, pay yourself through a company pay scheme £612 pcm; pay no income tax, just a supson of National Insurance, claim generous expenses and allowances (bequithed by ‘Boy George’),  take  dividends from the company profits and settle your (recently reduced) corporation tax promptly. Well that’s the plan and trust me it works. Taxes down to 12 to 15% of gross income for an SME with a single director/ shareholder. The cost? £55 for set up and as little as £7 a week to administer. Does this sound like an advert? it wasn’t meant to, choose your path wisely, select your advisor wisely and administer your affairs with care and keep your money in your pockets.

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