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Tips on performance

From my humble position as ‘hired bean counter’ it never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t look outside the box! Some years ago I had the good fortune to stumble on a cheap deal to visit  New Orleans for the Jazz Heritage Festival. This in itself (although whistle stop) was a fantastic experience (jazz buffs would understand). However I brought back, to implement in my own business a truely remarkable ethic, that of  ‘service‘ which the Americans had, for the most part monopolised. Be proud of what you do, be pleased to be of service, forget the ingrained social stigma attached to certain areas of work and above all re-invent yourself each and every morning. Take the long view, visualise how you want to look and who you want to be. If you clean windows be the best darn window-cleaner any area has seen! harness the social graces with  please and thank you, have a nice day does really mean that.

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