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Kings Professional Book Keeping

Book Keeping & Payroll Services

Without the information available from regular ledger entry’s a business will become starved of cash. The keeping of journals and ledgers is the key to success, every business trades on income and expenditure, huge fixed asset reserves do not pay the Electricity, Gas and Wages. Tight control of income and expenditure will deliver profit, lose control of this fundamental and you will fail!

Allowing someone to assist in the preparation of financial records does not interfere in any way with the operation of the business. Precise up to date records allows you to identify trends, release funds to expand and generally assist in plans for the future.

The non intrusive policy of KPB allows you to set the guidelines. We are able to work within your business from existing systems, or provide bespoke systems to control invoices, creditors and debtors always keeping you informed.

KPB operates a forensic credit control system, in real terms a continually updated record of debt, with precise controls (without exceptions) enabling customers to operate within the system resulting in no loss of income and securing their goodwill.

For clients with poor bad debt on their books, our policy is not to break doors down, or incur costs at court; we have a detailed mediation policy which uses open dialogue and honesty to resolve disputed debt.

Business health checks are in great demand as providers via for custom, recording expenditure enables us to compare services and we will endeavour to reduce gas, electricity, broadband, telephone, waste removal, laundry, fire regulation equipment and many more expenses. See Free Accounting.






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